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How can I contact Customer Service?
Please click here to find the right contact for your needs.
How long has Amazon been in business?
Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos opened the virtual doors of Amazon's online store in July 1995. The company was incorporated in 1994 in the state of Washington and reincorporated in 1996 in Delaware. The Company's principal corporate offices are located in Seattle, Washington. Amazon completed its initial public offering in May 1997, and its common stock is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol AMZN.
When did Amazon go public and at what price?
Amazon went public on May 15, 1997, and the IPO price was $18.00, or $1.50 adjusted for the stocks splits that occurred on June 2, 1998 (2-for-1 split), January 5, 1999 (3-for-1 split), and September 1, 1999 (2-for-1 split).
What is Amazon's fiscal year?
Amazon fiscal year is based on the calendar year. The last day of the fiscal year is December 31.
When did Amazon's stock split?
On July 21, 1999 Amazon announced a 2-for-1 split of common shares, effective on September 1, 1999, for stockholders of record on August 12, 1999.

On November 19, 1998, Amazon announced a 3-for-1 split of common shares, effective on January 5, 1999, for stockholders of record on December 18, 1998.

On April 27, 1998, Amazon announced a 2-for-1 split of common shares, effective on June 2, 1998, for stockholders of record on May 20, 1998.
Does Amazon distribute dividends?
We have never declared or paid cash dividends on our common stock.
Who is Amazon's transfer agent? When should I contact them?
Amazon's transfer agent is Computershare, and can be reached at (800) 522-6645. Registered stockholders (including those who hold physical stock certificates) should contact Computershare in the event of a name change, a change of address or if their certificate has been lost or stolen. Additionally, if a registered holder has not received notification of the availability of our proxy statement and annual report in advance of the Annual Meeting, Computershare is the appropriate contact.
I hold my shares through a brokerage firm and I changed my address. Who should I call?
If your shares are held for you by a bank or brokerage firm, be sure to notify your bank or brokerage firm of a name or address change, or if you need a proxy statement or annual report.
How can I get financial documents mailed to me?
You can have printed financial materials mailed to you by completing a request on our Request Documents page.
Does Amazon have corporate governance guidelines?
To review our corporate governance guidelines and related information, please go to the Corporate Governance section of our IR website.
Where is Amazon traded?
Amazon is traded on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AMZN.
Where can I find Amazon's most recent quarterly metrics?
Our Quarterly Results contain a wealth of information including metrics.
How can I contact Amazon Investor Relations?
You can reach Amazon Investor Relations team via e-mail at amazon-ir@amazon.com, or write to us at Amazon Investor Relations, P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226 USA
Do you provide tax information related to the 2017 Whole Foods Market debt exchange?

Yes, please see:
Form 8937 (PDF)
Issue price disclosure (PDF)

Does Amazon offer a Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)?
Yes, Amazon has offered a Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP) since August 2019. Learn more at https://www.computershare.com/investor.